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Let’s be honest, startups anyplace can be a struggle. If you don’t have the right information to get you started out on the right path, the struggle never ends. Startups On Main Street offers easy, step-by-step directions to get you started on the right path, right out the gate.

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Is your desire to earn a few extra bucks each month? Or would you prefer to be the next Apple, or Facebook? Your starting point is RIGHT here, because we offer exactly what you need.

We don’t believe in making tons of business plans that lay on the shelf gathering dust (you don’t need this specific step any longer). Those incredible dust catchers never get used anyways. On this site, you learn how to plan your business steps with effectiveness and efficiency.

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The key to building your business either online or on Main Street is presenting your business to the right market. You need to know who needs what you offer. We assist you in finding the specific marketing niche that most requires your products and services. As well as, we share the vivid and specific details that you require to kick start your business with successful marketing procedures.

“As a local business owner, I know that a huge majority of my traffic is walk in. But how do they find me? Over the past six months, I’ve had 3 – 5 people a day walk into my local main street shop, and ask for a specific item. The only place that item is shown anywhere is on my responsive website. If I ask, they saw the item on their cell phone.” ~Maggie H. 

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My Books:

When looking at books, don’t be too concerned that a book is “old” and consider it no longer “current” with today’s economy or business environment, whether it’s a few years, decades, or even centuries old. At issue?

Do you read to learn or to keep “current?” I read Andrew Mellon’s 1924 book, Taxation: The People’s Business, and got a ton out of it as it applies to business, government, and taxes even though it is almost 100 years old. Or how about David Ogilvy, the marketing genius, wrote about Claude Hopkins’ 1923 book Scientific Advertising, “Nobody should be allowed to have anything to do with advertising until he has read this book seven times. It changed the course of my life.” New is not always “improved” and old is not always “worn and torn.” Hence, look for evergreen content that never grows old. I search the Bible, it’s thousands of years old and the reason why I wrote my second book, HWJDB How Would Jesus Do Business?

Did you know in the parable of the talents (Matt 25:14-30), he discussed slaves getting each a number of talents, the largest currency of the day. One slave got five talents worth today over $15 MILLION DOLLARS and he doubled it and the master praised him. If Jesus talked this amount of money in a business context, shouldn’t you and I? Contact me today!