about startupsHi there! Welcome potential entrepreneur, current solo entrepreneur, or small business person to Startups On Main Street.

First of all, thank you for allowing me to come into your life. I’m honored that you are spending part of your valuable time out of your life to visit this site. We intend to encourage, enlighten, and equip you for the things you need to start, from scratch even, a new stream of income for you and our family.

We all have an inner talents and desire built into us by God to do what we love to do. Our passions can lead our purpose. Hence, in some cases, the opportunity to create businesses with our passions with the high hopes that success will flow is a result of our hard work, talent, and a commitment to service. I have plenty of talents, skills, and drive. But the companies that I worked for wanted only the expertise especially relevant to their business. Therefore, they didn’t want to pay for what I offered. Because, I want to use all of my talents and skills at something I love and was made to do. Just like me, you too, have multiple talents.

About Startups

The sad part is that some companies only want your B, C, and F of all of your A through P talents. I was and felt unfulfilled, I had to do something different. If you’re there, too… Let’s change this situation with a startup.

Jas 2:17 Even so faith, if it has no works, is dead, being by itself.

And as a believer, I knew that my faith had to be at the center of my work, with God and His Word as my North Star and moral compass. When James says, “faith without works is dead,” being grounded in my spiritual faith is the start, but it is not suppose to end there, end on Sunday and begin again the next Sunday. Faith alone. It’s to be my 24/7/365 full time mission so I am not to be “so heavenly bound that I’m no earthly good.” It came down to one statement.

Following Faith First

Following my faith is first, accomplishing something in an area that my God-given talent has called me to do is my Next Step!

So I launched my business with a goal at the start to earn enough money to replace my just over minimum wage income. Now, after throwing out the costly missteps, bad and old business advice, and the mistakes I took to get where I am today, I am sharing with you only the best steps that I have found with what it takes to get you started in your own business.

You bring all of your God-given talents and ideas, I’ll walk you through the steps.

Not every individual or growing company with a story to tell has the luxury to hire a firm to help build a company from scratch. Nore do they get to find the next “big idea,” for marketing, sales, and operating their company with a profit. Yet every winning company startup deserves a chance at success.

Enlighten and Inspire

Be inspired. Enlighten your path with knowledge from About Startups. This site intends to enlighten, equip, and inspire individuals and professionals to channel their inner, God-given talents and drive to serve others. With a strong “with God all things are possible” attitude and behavior, you can now make the most of God’s direction for your life. Go make it happen. Make a difference. Be the change you wish to see. It’s all more than cliche, it’s reality. You make what you want of your life.

2 Tim 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of timidity (cowardice), but of power and love and discipline (sound judgement).

The reality: Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% what you do about it. Do something worthwhile. Startup your own business.
Startups on Main Street