If you’d like to connect with me, please connect and contact me through LinkedIn: Kevin Cullis. Besides, I’d like to know who I’m communicating with.

Who am I?

If you haven’t taken the “Strengths Finder” test before, I highly recommend that you should, because here are my top five themes:

  • Analytical – objective, dispassionate, able to see patterns and connections and their affects.
  • Learner – energized by steady, deliberate journey to competence, thrives in dynamic work environments for short project assignments to learn a lot in a short period of time, but is not the subject expert.
  • Ideation – fascinated by ideas, always looking for connections, intrigued by disparate phenomena that can be linked by an obscure connection. Love to “connect the dots” of situations. These ideas are profound, novel, and clarifying and sometimes bizarre.
  • Activator – “When can we start?” Action is the best device for learning. Make a decision, take action, and your next action. You put yourself out there.
  • Woo – Enjoy the challenge of meeting new people, strangers energize you, love breaking the ice and making a connection. There are no strangers, only friends you have not met yet.


I’m always looking for new things to apply myself in and making connections with others.

To the right is my good friend, Jimmy Graham. He’s a fellow military veteran (he, Navy SEAL, me, USAF) and entrepreneur. We have teamed up to help one another with our businesses.

Being a startup entrepreneur means while an individual toiling away in the recesses of one’s bedroom, basement, or garage by themselves. Therefore, it means lots of loneliness. Life should never be this way. You need to have a team to help you out in your new adventure in life.

That’s why you need a mentor or coach to help you get started. Also, you need a round table or master mind group of a number (about 8-12) of like-minded individuals to meet regularly (at least once a month) to help you weather the business ups and downs you will experience. It means this: Do NOT start your business alone! Connect regularly with these like-minded individuals so you can  offer and receive advice and insights as a team of startup entrepreneurs.

I have been at this thing called entrepreneurship for a number of years, first getting my feet wet selling computers to businesses, then becoming the top Apple salesman consulting with and selling Macs to businesses. Then, I took my selling and computer consulting experience and struck out and became an author of three books: How to Start a Business: Mac Version is my first book, HWJDB How Would Jesus Do Business my second book, and my third with coauthor Donna Hoffmeyer, Warrior to Patriot Citizen. Most consider that being an author is spending all day writing and doing little else. Only partly true. While writing is the craft of your business (writing, medicine, law, computers, or 22,000 other types of businesses in the U.S.), you still need to understand the business of your craft (marketing, lead generation, sales, etc.). I have helped thousands of individuals with their business and owning computers in the business of their craft, now I’ve added startups to my experience. You can see Christopher Walker’s testimonial as one example of who I have helped with their “light bulb” business idea and how I helped him guide him through all of the startup noise to start out on the right path toward his business success.

That’s why you start here, at Startups On Main Street!

Kick the tires and light the fires. Let’s takeoff into the wild blue yonder to success!