Do you have what it takes, both you and your available resources, to start your business?

Most people who I talk with these days about starting their own business nearly always say, “I need an investor to help me start my business!”

No, you need to change your mind’s eye and see things anew.

Resources: Transformation of Trash into Treasures

It begins with having a new mind’s eye, or mindset, about seeing not only who you are and what God-given talents you have, but what you have around you in the way of family, friends, and resources that can be put to better use.

Here is one example of turning a current resource that most people see as trash into something that transforms people’s lives, especially the third world poor.

This one example shows how one simple solution would eliminate the needs for fires for light and causing carbon monoxide poisoning, allows them to operating out of their environment, i.e. out of the rain, and able to read and write and be productive out of their environment.

What are you resources excuses?

If someone in a third would country can turn trash into life improving solutions WITHOUT an education or college degree, what does that mean for you? Have more excuses? How about living in South African’s poor, but creating a product that will save and improve lives of millions with a simple solution: Dry Bath.

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  • Fish Tank Startups Workshop which builds upon the above information. You bring yourself, your idea, and we’ll guide you through a full day of the correct sequenced steps to start and sustain your business.


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  • Kevin Cullis – speaker and originator of the Fish Tank Startups program, Kevin speaks on a variety of relevant business topics and offers insight into profit generating aspects of your new business design.


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